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What is GreatRep.com?

is the Internet gateway for manufacturers/sellers (we call them vendors) in the wholesale giftware, home furnishing and furniture industries. GreatRep.com is an entirely neutral meeting ground for all vendors, buyers and reps in the wholesale giftware, home furnishing and furniture industries.

Briefly, what will GreatRep.com do?

GreatRep.com will provide a venue on the Internet that will permit registered buyers to obtain catalogs, place orders and submit order inquiries to vendors. It will also allow for sales reps to place orders with vendors.

GreatRep.com supplements, not replaces, current sales reps.  A sales rep can place and review customers' orders, make recommendations for special requests, and check on the status of orders placed with any vendor they represent - all very easily at GreatRep.com.

What are GreatRep.com's special features?

Here’s a partial list of GreatRep.com features:

  • Vendors can load their wholesale price list at GreatRep.com.
  • Shopping cart technology applied to order process.
  • SSL technology for secure data and credit card transactions.
  • Gateway for everyone - buyers, manufacturers/vendors, sales reps and industry resources
  • One time data entry, e.g. common data/information will not need to be re-entered for every order.

Will GreatRep.com have images of all the vendor items?

It is not feasible, nor necessary, to try to have thousands of images of all the vendor sku’s on the GreatRep.com website.
GreatRep.com operates under a two step premise: 1. Buyers will either obtain a vendor's printed catalog or be directed to the vendor's website; 2. Buyers will then place orders on-line at GreatRep.com.

What if a vendor already has its own website?

Having a website and having a website that does real work like GreatRep.com are entirely different matters. Vendors with their own sites should ask themselves the question, "Does my site provide shopping cart access to a database and secure wholesale ordering on line?" These features do not come cheap – we’re talking thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, GreatRep.com is "neutral" ground, i.e. a central clearing house area for buyers, vendors, reps and industry personnel to transact business – the gateway we spoke of earlier. Buyers will feel extremely comfortable using this useful and user-friendly site. Thus, all vendors will want to be featured prominently here.

GreatRep.com will also encourage and allow links between itself and a vendor’s website, thus enhancing the vendor’s presence on the Internet.

What are the costs involved?

Buyers and reps register for free! Upon registering, they will be issued a password that will allow them access to the Main Directory

Please go to www.GreatRep.com/services.aspx for current types of listings and pricing.


The best way to see how GreatRep.com works is to take one of our quick on-line tutorials.  They offer you an opportunity to get a "hands-on" experience that will demonstrate how you can use and benefit from GreatRep.com.  

To get started, click on the tutorial appropriate for you: