Jesmic Jewelry by Esther Susan

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Jesmic Jewelry by Esther Susan
139 Millbank Hill SW
Calgary, Alberta

Tel: 403-256-6890
Fax: 403-256-4195


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Guaranteed to reflect light and sparkle. Sun Catcher Pendants are Jewelry for Windows or Wear. Longer ones are sold on hooks, key chains, or in boxes to hang. Perfect as sun catchers, ornaments, car charms, or purse clips. Petite ones are sold as pendants on chains to wear with coordinating bracelets and earrings sold separately. All are made from new,natural, and vintage components. Supreme sparkle comes from multifaceted, electroplated glass. Metallic accents, chains, and earring backs are mixed alloy, electroplated, nickel free. Factory assorted for maximum selection as each one is made unique.