INTRODUCTION. The purpose of this tutorial is to show buyers how they can place orders, catalog requests and order inquiries with the companies they want to buy from.  This is a hands-on demonstration where buyers can actually see how the site works.

REGISTRATION. The first step is to make sure you are already registered at GreatRep.com.  If you haven't registered, go to www.GreatRep.com and click on buyer under NEW VISITOR SIGN-IN. Complete all steps.

LOGIN. To conduct any business at GreatRep.com, you must always login.  Login consists of entering your Username and Password in the MEMBER LOGIN area of the home page and then clicking on the Log In button.  If you have trouble logging in, it usually means you have not entered your username and password correctly.  Remember, the username and password are case sensitive. That means you must type them exactly as they were first entered, with or without upper and lower case letters.

For this tutorial, we want you to login as a buyer, Kathleen Kelly, for a fictitious store, Shop Around the Corner.  Login with:
                                    Username: shopgirl
                                    Password: joefox
Type exactly as shown.  No caps!

PLACING AN ORDER DEMO. Follow these steps in sequence:

  1. After login, click on Main Directory. (In this demo, we are going to place an order with a vendor called Country Hearts.  Using any of the methods shown, locate and click on the name Country Hearts.
  2. Clicking on Country Hearts will take you the vendor's profile page. The profile page gives an overview of the vendor and buyers can click on any of the icons: . For this demo, click on the shopping cart icon .
  3. You are now at the PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE page showing terms for the vendor. Click on to proceed.
  4. You are now at the SELECT ITEMS page. Click any SKU. For quantity, enter 10. Click on Add to Cart button.
  5. Notice that you are now back at the SELECT ITEMS page. Also note the order total.  Let’s assume you are finished ordering. Click on Review Order icon.
  6. You are now at the REVIEW ORDER page. This page shows a full summary of the order. Now let’s assume we changed our mind and only want to order 8 of the items. Change the quantity from 10 to 8 and click on the Recalculate button. Notice that you get a new total. Now click on the Submit Order button to begin checkout.
  7. ORDER TYPE. Select First Order and click the Next button.
  8. METHOD OF PAYMENT. Select COD and click the Next button.
  9. OTHER INFORMATION. Select an April 10 ship date and enter Test in the Comments. Click the Next button.
  10. THANK YOU! This page is confirmation that your ordered was entered successfully. To verify this, click on here to return to the main menu at My Account.
  11. At My Account, click on My Inbox. (Note: In this case, you will be checking the inbox of Shop Around the Corner.)  Then click on the red Orders button. Scroll to the end of the orders in the inbox to find your order. Click on the green dot to "print" a copy of the order to your browser. (Note: This same copy of the order is also placed in the inboxes for the vendor.  Vendors always receive emails alerting them anytime there is an order, catalog request or inquiry placed in their inboxes.)

CATALOG REQUESTS AND INQUIRIES. You are welcome in this demo to place catalog requests and order inquiries using the same login and buyer. Again, you should go to My Inbox to verify your requests and inquiries.

ICONS AND SHORTCUT. Once buyers start using Greatrep.com, they will move faster by using the icons (step 2 above) and using the SHORTCUT method for placing orders. Using the SHORTCUT simply means entering the sku directly into the search box on the SELECT ITEMS page.

SALES REPRESENTATIVES CAN ALSO PLACE ORDERS FOR YOU AT GREATREP.COM.   There may be times when it is more convenient for you to have your local sales rep place orders for you at GreatRep.com.  And remember, as a registered buyer, you will always have a record in your inbox of any orders placed for your store - by you or anyone else!

There should be no impact on the commission that your local sales rep receives from their vendors because GreatRep.com does not charge the vendors any commission for orders placed via GreatRep.com.

Weighing the fact that GreatRep.com records and places orders instantly and simultaneously with vendors, buyers and sales representatives, using GreatRep.com to conduct business on-line is a tremendous advantage for everyone involved.

CONCLUSION. There are three key components to GreatRep.com: buyers, vendors and sales reps. The primary aim of GreatRep.com is to make working on-line easier for all three.

Buyers will find working on-line easier and more rewarding if they encourage their sales representatives and vendors to register at GreatRep.com. For sales representatives, registration is free. Vendors pay a very nominal monthly fee.

Thank you for supporting and using GreatRep.com!