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Place your ad here for a Lines Wanted ad. Cost? Ads are $60.00 for 30 days. Your ad is rotated from top of page in the order it is received. In other words, your ad starts out on top on your first day. This encourages visitors to make frequent visits to these pages by saving them time looking for the new ads.

Each ad has three essential elements: AD TITLE, AD CONTENT AND AD CONTACT. AD TITLE is 10 words or less, all in CAPS, that tells the viewer what your ad is about. Examples: "SEEKING NEW LINES FOR OHIO”, or "COVERING MIDDLE ATLANTIC REGION".

AD CONTENT is 50 words or less that provides details about the rep opening or line. Examples: "Well established sales rep is seeking lines to represent in KS, MO, IA and NE", or "National rep firm is looking for decorative accessory lines for home furnishing, furniture and department stores".

AD CONTACT is 15 words or less giving specific information for making contact regarding the ad. Give important consideration to "who" and "how" you want to be contacted. Examples: "Contact Roger. Fax 123-456-7890." or "Please make first contact via email,".

You will know if you exceed the word limits because the entry field will not accept any more typed entry. When this occurs, simply edit your entry to fit.

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